Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rethinking My Blog

As many of you know I started this blog in a very fly by the seat of your pants sort of way. I thought to myself that having a blog might make me more accountable and help me link to other folks on similar journeys so I could give and receive more support. Ten minutes later I had a blogger account and a blog with a terrible name which I have improved a bit.  So lesson #1 think hard before you name your blog. Beyond this fanciful idea that I would blog about my life I had no direction. Early on a friend said don't use your blog as a diary. Good advice! Mark that as lesson #2. After mostly posting recipes I finally was able to conceptualize my blog a little more clearly. In order to post recipes I need to cook. I need to get creative. I can hardly post high carb recipes on a low carb blog and hope for any success. I am not rich so I am not making a low carb recipe for the blog then making a high carb recipe for dinner. So if I am going to keep posting low carb recipes I need to keep cooking and eating them. Win/Win! So today I have decided this blog will mostly be a a low carb cooking blog. Please feel free to comment, follow and share the blog.

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