Monday, January 26, 2015

Strawberry Shortcake

It is the middle of winter and snowing today, any sign of summer would be welcome at this point. However where I live I have at least two more months before signs of spring are going to show their heads let alone summer. A summer time treat will have to do in the meanwhile I decided to rework the chocolate one minute cake recipe I use to make a moist strawberry short cake.

Strawberry Shortcake
You will need:
4Tbsp butter
1/2 cup almond flour
2 Tbsp vanilla whey protein powder
1/8 Tsp baking powder
 2 Tbsp water of vanilla coffee flavoring
2 egg
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/3 Tsp Knox unflavored gelatin
2 Tsp sugar free sweetener of your choice such as Swerve or Splenda ( I used liquid Sucralose)
1tsp vanilla
 one box sugar free strawberry jello- made according to package direction, cooled on the counter but not set

To make the cake: Begin by melting your butter in the microwave in a small microwave dish. In a microwaveable 8x8  baking dish mix the almond flour, vanilla whey protein and baking powder. Add the butter and water or coffee flavoring and mix. Then mix in the eggs stirring until the batter is looks like a cake mix batter. Cover the asking dish with saran wrap with a few holes poked in it to vent. Microwave for 2 and half minutes then remove the saran wrap and microwave for another 2 minutes. Microwaves vary so what you are looking for is a cake that is baked through and not jiggly in the middle. Allow the cake to cool. 
To make stabilized whipped cream: Put the 4Tbsps of water in a small microwaveable dish and microwave for a minute or two until it is boiling. Add the 1/3 Tsp of unflavored gelatin stirring until the gelatin dissolves completely. In a large mixing bowl add the cream, vanilla and sweetener. Begin to beat the cream using an electric mixer. While mixing slowly pour in the gelatin and water mixture. Beat the cream mixture until stiff peaks and then spread it on top of the cake edge to edge. Carefully pour the cooled jello onto the whip cream. Do this slowly starting in the center and spread it gently towards the edges. Refrigerate the cake until the jello sets.

Serves 8. Each slice has 334 calories, 3.5g carbs and 1g of fiber for net carb count of 2.5

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