Friday, January 9, 2015

Water, Water and More Water

Shortly before Christmas I saw a blog post about a woman who drank a gallon of water everyday for 4 weeks. There were before and after pictures that certainly argued that water worked as well or frankly better than many other beauty treatments.

Let's face it we have all heard about how much water we should be drinking and how important it is to stay hydrated for our health. My father loves to tell me that I should try to drink a glass of water whenever I think I am hungry because some of the time I may really be thirsty. My daughter read on line that you should should drink a glass of water before each meal to aid in weight loss and suggested we start doing that (she's maybe 100 pounds soaking wet so read between the lines there). So even before seeing this amazing before and after picture I should have been guzzling water. But of course I wasn't. Truth be told I love coffee, iced tea and soda. I don't always like what's in them so I make my own at home and even bought a soda stream to control what's in my soda. It's still not good old fashion H2O.

It was the before and after pictures that really helped motivate me. The pictures and article can be found here:

So on New Years Eve my daughter and I went out to eat and as we were discussing our New Years Resolutions I found myself saying "I am going to drink more water". Of course I had no idea what that meant, I had thought it up about two seconds before it popped out of my mouth. I knew I wasn't going to start downing a gallon a day no matter how good those pictures were. As I have said before "baby steps".  So I have made a point to switch to water after I have my coffee in the morning. Sometimes I use MIO or some lemon slices to help me feel more enticed to drink the water (is that cheating? I haven't decided yet).

 I did find this helpful post about drinking a gallon of water a day at The Naughty Mommy:

I am thinking of setting my daily water goal around 60 ounces. This is mostly because I have lots of 20 ounce glasses and three glasses seems doable. Do you have water goals? What do you do to make sure you are drinking enough water?

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